OTT 2023

If you have not enjoyed the City Creek Recreation Area before, this is the perfect opportunity to come out and get introduced!


Distance/Start Times

25K – 8:00am

10 Miler -9:00am

5 Miler – 9:15am

3 Miler – 9:30am

Race Packet Pickup:

Friday, May 12th, 2023 at Centennial Park from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. If you are unable to swing by on Friday, you can get everything on race morning if you come early. Everyone still must check in on Saturday before their race for a timing chip. Chips will not be handed out until race morning. Pre-race meetings are Saturday, May 13, 2023, 15 minutes before each race starts.

Start / Finish Line

The Start / Finish line is at Centennial Park in Pocatello Idaho.

Parking & Carpooling

Please follow signage and park in legitimate parking spaces. We must ensure adequate egress for emergency vehicles if necessary. Please do not try to park at Centennial Park or the Lower City Creek Trailhead. Please do not park on Idaho Street or Grant Avenue. Parking is limited so please make arrangements to carpool if possible. Please park at the following locations:

Parking Option A

Park at Rainey Park on South Arthur Avenue and walk across the footbridge to Centennial Park.

Parking Option B

Park at the church lot on Grant Avenue across the street from Centennial Park.

Check-In at Start

Every racer is required to check-in at the start to get a bib and timing chip so we know exactly who we have on the course. Please get there in plenty of time to check-in and to attend the pre-race meeting.

Your Responsibility as a Runner

Stay on and run the marked course and only the marked course. Check-in with each aid station by telling them your number. They are keeping track of who is on the course at all times. Please obey all Trail User Responsibilities: Please refer to the Pocatello Trail User website for a list of rules and recommendations. Please also refer to the RRCA Trail Running Tips on the RRCA website.


No pacers are allowed for this race at any distance.

Aid Stations

This is a PAPER-LESS RACE. There will be no paper cups provided at the aid stations. Our goal is to have a minimal impact so you must bring a water bottle or collapsible cup to carry for hydration on the course. Collapsible cups will be provided upon request at packet pickup. You will not be allowed to drink out of the cooler spouts. Please plan ahead.

Aid station locations

3 Mile – no aid station

5 Mile – 1 aid station: Water and nutrition products around mile 3 at Lichen Aid Station.

10 Mile – 2 aid stations – Water and nutrition products around mile 5.5 at Over The Top Aid Station and around mile 8 at The Lichen Aid Station.

25K – 3 aid stations – Water and nutrition products around mile 5.5 at Over The Top Aid Station and around mile 10 at The Grove Aid Station and finally at around mile 14.5 at Lichen Aid Station.

Start/Finish – water and light post-run snacks

On-course aid stations are to fill up water vessels with water from a cooler. There will also be various nutrition options but ultimately you are responsible for any food, electrolytes, and nutrition you need on the course.

Drop Bags

Drop bags are only allowed at the start/finish line. There will be no provisions to haul drop bags out to the aid stations.


For runner safety and consideration of our aid stations and sweepers, we firmly enforce these cutoffs.

25K – Runners must pass Grove Aid Station before 11am. Runners must pass Lichen Aid Station before 12 noon. Runners must finish by 12:30 pm.

10 M – Runners must pass Lichen Aid Station by 12 noon. Runners must finish by 12:30 pm.

5 M – Runners must pass Lichen Aid Station by 12 noon. Runners must finish by 12:30 pm.

3 M – Runners must finish by 12:30 pm.

Changing Race Distance Before the Event

If you sign up for a distance and would like to change distances, you can do so through up to a week before the race. Go under your login to “Registration History,” click the OTT event, click “Edit” and choose your desired distance. ONCE THE RACE STARTS RACERS CAN NOT SWITCH DISTANCES MID-EVENT. THIS WILL RESULT IN A DISQUALIFICATION.

Refunds, Roll-Overs, Transfers

There will be no refunds or transfers. Roll-Overs are accepted based on individual cases. Please contact the race director.


If you are unable to participate, please drop your name from the race so others from the waitlist can be added. Log into, click the top right on your name, click “registration history,” click “edit,” and click “drop.” There are no refunds for dropping.


Weather can be anything from temps in the 80s on dry dirt, to 20s with very slick mud or snow for miles. Some years there is a large snowdrift on the top of the 10-mile climb. Come prepared, mentally and physically. We live in Idaho. Expect the unexpected and always be prepared.

Course Summary

Over the Top is beautiful but can be rugged as it is quite exposed at the top of the 10 miler and 25K. The 25K is 95% single track, the 10-mile loop is 99% single track, the 5-mile loop is about 75% single track, and the 3-mile loop is about 90% single track.

The first 0.8 miles for all three races follow a very wide single track to the Bench Trail and Rim Trail. It turns into a true single track dropping down into Death Valley which is a very narrow gulley but it has the occasional pullout here and there to pass people or let people by.

The 3-mile runners will hook a right-hand turn about 1.5 miles in and they have a smooth flowing descent back to the finish line.

The 5 mile, 10 mile, and 25K runners will continue climbing up Burrito to Bump Trail and onto Serenghetti. The 5 milers will turn right at the top of Bump to traverse over the skirt of the foothills on a very runnable and distinct two-track multi-use trail and then drop into the narrow Lichen’s draw. Lichen re-joins where the 3 milers descended to the finish line.

Those running the 10 and 25K Over the Top trail will split off at the intersection of Sullivans to the new Over the Top Connector Trail. Runners will climb multiple switchbacks up to the saddle and then out to the “OTT Lookout.” Both distances will drop down the other side of the mountain until they reach the “T-intersection” of Over the Top and Sullivan’s. 10-mile racers will turn right and head back down to Lichen which re-joins where the 5 milers descended. 25K racers will turn left and head out on Sullivan’s to The Gut.

The 25K will continue down the Gut to Cone Trail, climb up The Grove on a beautiful single track shaded by trees until they hit The Grove Aid Station at the top of the gulley. Out of the aid station, they will climb up a short steep road to Outlaw singletrack trail and then drop suddenly down Black Cairn. At the bottom, runners will take a right and climb up Short Bus’s switchbacks to the ridge and then drop back down Switchbacks on the City Creek side. Turning right onto White Cairn, you will follow the flattest section of the race across the foothills to City Creek Road, crossing bridge 11. Save your climbing legs for one last climb up Serenghetti to the Lichen Aid Station and runners will re-join where all the other race distances descended to the finish line.

Course Markings

Course map and markings will be shown at racer check-in. Please check-in 15-30 minutes before all start times at the latest. City Creek trails have many branches and not all branches are marked with city signs. The course will be marked at every intersection. If you come to an intersection that is not marked, turn around because you are probably off-trail. Every intersection will have multiple flags, ribbons, and/or little signs to ensure the correct route is obvious.

Trail Etiquette

Though the course is mostly single track there are many places to pass or be passed throughout the four courses. Please be respectful of other racers and follow appropriate trail etiquette. If you want to pass someone, it is usually best to verbalize your intention and pass when appropriate on the runner’s left side. A friendly bit of encouragement is always appreciated on both sides!

Please be mindful of those around you. If you are running with music, wear just one ear bud, keep your music down on low volume so you can still hear someone’s footsteps behind you, or just don’t wear your music during this race and enjoy the company of your fellow runners and nature.

Share the Trails

Bikers, hikers, horse riders, and ATV enthusiasts may be sharing the trail with us on race day. Please be courteous and respectful, minding the national trial user guidelines. For example, pedestrians have the right to way over a bike. Horses have the right of way over a pedestrian (runner). Uphill traffic has the right away always.

Stay on Course

There will be a ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY for those cutting trails whether intentionally OR unintentionally.

The trails in City Creek are heavily used therefore much care has been taken to prevent erosion and damage. Please help us keep our trails healthy and clean. If a racer is reported for cutting switchbacks and this is verified, he or she will be assigned a DNF, will not be allowed to be part of the prize drawings and will be banned from future races.

The race director and volunteers will make every effort to ensure the courses are clearly marked. The 3-mile racers will follow orange flagging. The 5-mile racers will follow blue flagging. The 10-mile racers will follow pink flagging. The 25K racers will follow white flagging.

Use Common Sense

You will be on uneven ground: rocky, muddy, narrow, steep, and possibly up to 3 miles away from help if you are injured. Be aware that we have variable weather conditions. Do not participate in this run if you are not in reasonable physical condition to spend an hour or so on flat to rugged hilly terrain. Please drink enough water, the aid stations are there for a reason. If you are not in the proper physical condition to undertake the 10-mile run, please check your ego and bump over to the 5 miles or 3 miles. You can switch distances up until a week before the race. Ultimately, Pocatello Running Club, race organizers, and volunteers are not responsible for costs associated with search and rescue or any costs associated with any injuries. Use common sense, know your limits, and enjoy our beautiful trails!


No dogs are allowed on the race course during the race. If you have a dog at the finish line, it must be on a static leash 6 foot or shorter AND under voice control.

Post Race

We will serve some light post-run snacks. Kiosks will be set up at the finish line to see your time and splits. There will be music and awards at the pavilion. Awards Ceremony for each race distance will start when the majority of the racers in that distance have crossed the finish line. There will also be a raffle with some prizes near the end if you choose to stay and cheer your fellow runners into the finish line.


If you would like any more information, or if you still have a question that was not answered, feel free to contact Melissa Merrill Arrington, the OTT Race Director via the email listed on the registration’s website. Train hard, have fun, and see you at the Starting Line, Saturday, May 13, 2023!

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